Corporate Osteopathy in London

Osteopathy for your workforce


Osteopathy is an approved holistic therapy for diagnosing and treating the kind of musculoskeletal disorders associated with the workplace. The science is founded on the principle that only when the various elements of our musculoskeletal system, including bones, joints, muscles, tendons and other tissue, are in harmony, do we experience wellness.


An Osteopath is a person that specialises in the treatment of biomechanical injuries. They use a variety of techniques such as massage, stretching and manipulation to improve joint mobility, ease muscle tension, improve blood flow, and promote bodily healing. We often work companies and staff  who are experiencing issues relating to their work environment or duties.

Benefits of Corporate Osteopathy


Perfect Balance is able to provide osteopathy at our own clinics and on site at our clients’ workplace. As well as saving time and money, an important advantage of holding osteopathy sessions at your site is that this allows our osteopaths to gain an insight into potential causes of the problems they are treating.


The benefits to your employees will be significant. They include reduced stress, reduced pain, increased mobility, and a greater sense of wellbeing. The result is increased motivation and productivity, and fewer lost working days. It is also likely to have a positive impact on your company culture, with improved staff management relations and a more caring culture.


For more information or to discuss whether osteopathy is right for your workforce, please contact us and one of our corporate wellness team will be in touch soon.


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