Corporate Podiatry in London


Podiatry for your workforce


Workplaces can be cruel to feet making them painful and causing a wide range of problems. Daily job demands are likely to include walking, standing still for extended periods, lifting heavy items, climbing steps and climbing on and off equipment. During a working day, your feet can absorb several times your body weight and can cover up to 15 miles. This can lead to a range of short and long term problems especially if we wear poorly fitting shoes or high heels. Additional problems frequently encountered include fungal infections and ingrowing toenails. Sore and tired feet also put employees at an increased risk of injury from tripping and falling and the constant pain can lead to low motivation and other emotional problems.
Podiatry for you workforce can circumvent these problems. Our podiatrists are highly-skilled health professionals who are fully trained in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of foot conditions. We provide a wide range of services including general chiropody, orthosis, diagnosis and treatment of work and sports injuries, biomechanical assessment and more.

Benefits of Corporate Podiatry


Corporate podiatry is a cost-effective method for keeping your employee’s feet healthy and free from pain. Feet are often a neglected problem, though podiatry in an important factor in improving workforce wellness, leading to a more productive and motivated staff, with less time lost due to days off work.


Our services will help your workforce manage existing injuries by recommending treatments to provide feet with additional support and relieve discomfort. We can also recommend appropriate footwear for the job including cushioned soles for shock absorption; protective footwear that provides maximum comfort; arch supports and lower heels. Custom orthotics can provide additional support to help manage repetitive strain injuries, stress fractures, heel and arch pain, and injuries that result from bad posture we can assess through biomechanical assessment.


Don’t take your employees feet for granted. Corporate podiatry is your route to improved foot health and corporate wellness.

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