Ergonomics addresses the fit between people and their working environment. It is person centred with the primary goal being to reduce stress and prevent injury related to muscle overuse, bad posture and repetitive tasks. It takes account of the abilities and limitations of employees and designs the working environment, including equipment, tools, seating and lighting, to accommodate them.

Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) are injuries that affect bones, joints muscles, ligaments and other soft tissues. They account for over a third of all work-related injuries and costing employers dearly in terms of missed work days, lost productivity, and finding replacement staff. Bad posture, exposure to vibration, uncomfortable working positions, and physical trauma can all cause MSDs.

By investing the time in developing optimal working processes you will be contributing to your company’s bottom line. More importantly you are making sure your workers are safe, engaged and able to perform their job without impediment.


Some other key benefits of dealing with ergonomics in the workplace will be the competitive advantage that your company is able to leverage in the marketplace with happy, healthy and productive employees.

The main risk factors for developing poor workplace ergonomics are increased forces on the human body, repetitive or sustained awkward postures and repetitive tasks. We will work with you to identify these risk factors by appraising your business practices and working environments. Our business works by working alongside you to find a solution which works with your time and budget.  Wellness and workplace ergonomics doesn’t need to be costly.

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