Exercise Pro


The team at Perfect Balance Clinic is proud to announce the introduction of our new customised piece of software across all our clinics and for use by all our practitioners.

‘My Exercise Pro’ was originally designed to help the remote management of professional and semi-professional athletes looked after under the athlete services membership scheme. The design of the system lends itself very well to the easy delivery, performance and repeatability of any type of training program prescribed by specialists at the Clinic.

The new system is completely unique and built to high specification. The development has been in the pipeline for more than three years. The team have been working hard to develop a system which is cutting edge in its architecture and achieves what it set out to  do – to deliver amazing value to the clients of the Clinic. Once set up on the system, clients are able to be sent specific training programs for their speedy recovery and accurate reproduction of the correct form of each exercise.

Programs are bespoke and not generalised training programs, which means that you can be sure you are getting the right exercises and the right prescription for each exercise within your training program. The emphasis in the design work has been to make something attractive, user friendly and easy for specialists to continue their management of clients coming to Perfect Balance Clinic. When each client logs in, you are able to keep track of your performance in relation to the execution of the exercises; completed programs and pain levels should also be recorded and are communicated with the specialist.

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