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We currently operate from 6 clinics and we can provide services with the following 3 options. As we expand our clinics we will be able to offer these services on a much wider geographical area

Small companies or individuals (1-100 empolyees)

This option is suitable for client and small companies who wish to access our services in a bespoke piecemeal way.  Services are contracted on a per interaction basis or we can put together tailored packages to suit your needs. Companies or individuals in this arena often purchase sole services from us, workstation assessments, visits to the therapy team or perhaps the triage service to ensure a correct visit to the correct therapist. We can be very specific with our offering, we just need to know what you need.

Medium sized companies (100-1000 employees)

This option is suitable for a medium sized company with out the need/demand for full time services.  We can offer this service to all companies within a 1-2 mile radius of our clinics. The service typically will be a contracted corporate relationship, which we will be the preferred supplier to your staff. This enables us to provide dedicated services and ensure we are able to manage your healthcare needs properly in your company.

Large companies (1000+ employees)

This is our full-blown corporate wellness service. In this option the company is large enough for us to have an onsite presence. Ideally we would require 1 or 2 clinical rooms to be able to work with the company properly in this capacity. To be able to do this properly we require a series of meetings with you to ascertain your needs understands what you have tried before and ascertain the gap we will be filling and the exact blend of services you require.