Online Triage

Our bespoke online triage system is used in the clinic to help filter and streamline the process of working out who the best person is to see for a particular condition.

Our form will guide you quickly and easily through a series of 10 easy to answer questions based on your pain and then ask you a few simple questions about your previous medical history. Our opinion on where you should start will be based entirely on your answers to this information and key information about your past medical history.

If your condition is particularly challenging for us to give you an answer through our form, we will know and will be able to put you in touch with a specialist who will be able to talk over your condition. We will then decide the best course of action for you to take from there.

All our online forms are screened and we take our suggestions seriously. If the form suggests to see a practitioner in our team we will ensure they are the right person to see you for your condition by carrying out a thorough screening and appraisal of the condition you present with before working out a treatment plan for you.

Complete our online triage