Corporate Health Screening in London

Our system of health screening allows us to combine real time physiological testing with GP led health screening services. We pride ourselves on our unique method of addressing poor physiological performance in the workplace and assessing the ups and downs which occur over a period of time whilst employees are at work.

We know that by addressing the adaptation to stress early and in the workplace we can then put in place a robust strategy to help reduce the effect of physiological stress on your employee’s body.


Much like a formula one car that feeds back to a computer about its performance, we are able to track subtle changes in your body in real time which we can then use to produce a comprehensive report and plan out a management strategy based on real facts and data.

We understand that you are busy and will often struggle to see a GP at home. Our private GP service offers you the chance to be able to see someone often within hours on the day you request. We can also handle advance bookings if you know when you have time to visit the GP. If we have a clinic onsite in your office then we have dedicated times where we can provide the GP service alongside our other services so you will not have much of a wait.


We can also offer a wide range of screening services which run alongside our physiological screening program for the companies we work with.  Services include cervical smears, travel vaccinations, ear syringing, referral for MRI scanning and X-ray and more. We also provide the usual bespoke general medicals and medicals for specific purposes.

Examples of our reports

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