How we will embed a specific corporate wellness program into your workplace


The start point can be your employees. By ensuring that they have access to our unique therapeutic team, we can maintain a dialogue with you via our ongoing feedback and audit of our services to drip feed wellness into your company.

We can also begin with key stakeholders in your organisation to build a picture of your culture and company norms and values, as well as developing an understanding of your workforce and its physical, psychological and organisational risks. With this information, we will develop an achievable and affordable strategy that will address those risks and an implementation plan that will minimise them.

Our strategy

Our strategies will be specifically tailored to your needs and risks, as well as your budget, and will sit within your company structure to embed wellbeing and fitness for work into your existing culture.

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Initial assessment

A survey of your organisation involving brief interviews with key personnel, observational techniques and questionnaires will give us baseline information and an audit tool to put together a bespoke affordable strategy for optimising your workforce and providing the service that you need to keep them healthy.



Our unique triage system is designed to ensure that your employee sees the right practitioner and receives the right advice and/or treatment quickly and efficiently with as little time away from work as possible. Our online triage/pain questionnaire will begin the process for individual employees’ requests for treatment.

Each person accessing our services will complete this brief set of questions that will not only direct them to the next stage of our process, but also ensure that a holistic approach to their health care is ensured.

GP services

We work closely with our GP services, which may be accessed so that your employee can be assessed and treated or advised appropriately without having to take time off work and wait for their own GP. This also provides a quick and efficient referral system for insurance purposes if needed.

Therapy services

Osteopathy/Physiotherapy/Podiatry/Sports Therapy

All of our corporate team are uniquely trained in our philosophy and in our holistic approach.

They have all undergone a programme in ergonomics so that they think about optimisation of function and performance for the workplace. Our internal information and referral system ensures that no treatment session is wasted and that you will receive further expert input where needed. Our triage system will ensure you begin at the right place, whether that is with an exercise programme, a manual therapist or a workstation assessment. Then our team will ensure that your needs are fully met by referring between ourselves so the best people ensure that your recovery is complete and sustainable and your function is maximised. Perhaps you need advice on diet and weight loss, posture and back care, tips on work–life balance or stress advice, or an ongoing progressive exercise programme with support. 95% of our clients report that they experience an improvement after the first session. We will ensure that this improvement is complete and long lasting using our holistic approach.


Osteopaths: Experts in manual therapies and diagnostic analysis

Physiotherapists: Experts in manual therapies and exercise therapy

Sports therapists: Experts in massage and exercise rehabilitation

Podiatrists: Experts in therapies specifically for feet and resultant problems


Workplace assessment and fitness for work

Frequently, a musculoskeletal problem will have its root causes in activities at work. We will identify when this is the case and carry out a full (DSE regulations compliant) ergonomic workplace assessment or give appropriate advice and support that can be backed up with a visit to your workstation, or via skype or photographs. This may include an exercise regime that can include desk or home-based activity and/or a supervised exercise regime.

A company-wide workstation assessment programme can be organised. We will use a combination of assisted self-assessment and focus only where issues are indicated. This will ensure your compliance with relevant health and safety legislation.


Where your assessment indicates that support in specific exercise and fitness will benefit you in the long term and help with preventing a recurrence of your problem, we will support with advice and/or supervision. This could be to ensure specific fitness for your work, as part of a weight loss regime or simply for general wellbeing.

Exercise and fitness programmes can also be incorporated into your company with our liaison with key people. We can help and advise on setting up competitions and challenges to inspire people to keep exercising and embed fitness into your company culture.

Exercise Pro

Our unique online tool for delivering and monitoring exercise programmes ensures that individuals, groups and whole organisations can benefit from a progressive, appropriate and bespoke exercise programme, with full backup, feedback and monitoring by experts.


Our skilled and uniquely trained pilates professionals will deliver pilates classes as one to one sessions or as larger more general classes where needed. This popular modality teaches good postural awareness and general fitness and wellbeing, and specific exercises can ensure the sustainability of other manual therapies.

Weight loss and nutrition

An important part of healing is correct nutrition and all of our practitioners are trained in basic nutrition. We will advise as appropriate on diet, including for weight loss, and refer on to a trained nutritionist where appropriate.

Benefits of good basic nutrition can also be incorporated into your organisation with our liaison with key people. We can help and advise on setting up healthy eating education, advise canteens, and work with you to embed the concept of healthy eating into your company culture.

Stress and workload management

Stress at work is acknowledged, along with musculoskeletal injuries, as a main cause of sickness absence. Our practitioners are trained to use our holistic approach in order to recognise when this is an issue for clients. When considering the workstation or individual injury, workload, work–life balance and methods of working are a core part of the assessment. We are able to provide basic advice and strategies to help, and we have access to GPs or other therapists if needed.

Stress management and strategies for minimising stress at work can be incorporated into your organisation by using our liaison with your key people to help set up education programmes, which may include fitness, relaxation techniques and nutrition for general wellbeing as well as positive coping methods. In this way, stress management can be embedded into your company culture.

Rehab and massage

Therapeutic sports massage and rehab are a useful addition to our repertoire as this may be appropriate for clients needing extra help to recover from injury. Massage can also be a useful stress relief tool.