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What is a workstation assessment?


Workstation assessments, also known as Ergonomics, measure the relationship between people, their environment and the tasks they perform. In order to work in the most effective manner, it is essential to consider all the aspects of your working area.


Our assessment services take everything in your office into consideration when assessing your workspace; from the height of your chair and desk, to the position of your mouse and phone, and even how the lighting and heat levels affect you.


It is not only a employer’s legal responsibility but also a valuable tool to ensure maximum comfort for their staff. In turn, this minimises the risk of injury, thus increasing productivity in the work place. It is also beneficial for a specialist to undertake the Ergonomic Assessment in cases where an individual has pain symptoms or a diagnosed injury.  This will help to ensure that your workstation and environment are not contributing to your symptoms or impacting upon your recovery.

Workstation / DSE Assessment regulations


The HSE rules regarding DSE (Display Screen Equipment) equipment require organisations to conduct a risk assessment for employees who use this equipment on a daily basis, they use it for at least an hour at a time, or they are unable to do their job without using it.


These risk assessments should include the following:


  • Display screen including readability, brightness and other factors
  • Keyboard and mouse including positioning and technique
  • Software, for instance is it suitable for the job
  • Workstation furniture including work surface and chair
  • Working environment including lighting, heating and cooling

What to expect from an assessment?


At your workstation assessment, you will first be educated about the important considerations of ensuring your work station is both comfortable and safe. Whether it’s a group presentation or a one-to-one, the assessment will be tailored to your business’ working environment.


After being educated on the most important aspects of your workstation, you will be shown exercises by a rehabilitation consultant. These exercises will help you to prevent injury and discomfort at your workstation, and will ensure that you remain engaged, active and productive in your work.

Importance of Workstation / DSE Assessments


It is easy to sit incorrectly in the work place, and the impact of this can prove very costly. It is important to make sure you take the effort to employ effective ergonomic measure at work to make your company more profitable and your work force more productive:


  • Injuries at work cost society and employers around £7.4 billion a year.
  • Musculoskeletal injuries resulting from poor workplace ergonomics account for 34% of all lost workdays injuries and illnesses.
  • A properly set up workstation is shown to increase productivity by over 10%.
  • 95% of workers’ days at work are spent at their desk.


Costs for desk assessments with us are very competitive.  Just let us know what you have been quoted and we guarantee to provide a competitive quote with more added value than any known competitor.

Why choose our workstation assessments?


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