Corporate Sports Therapy in London

Sports Therapy for your workforce


PB Corporate Wellness provides sports therapy to professional sports men and women at every level in their sports, including top rated athletes. However, sports therapy isn’t just of benefit to sports people; the same techniques we use can also provide huge benefits to employees and employers in the workplace.


For instance, if any of your staff suffer from back pain, neck or shoulder pain, pain in the arms or lower limbs, or even if they tend to spend their working days sitting at a desk, then treating them on your premises can certainly help.


While your employees are able to receive treatment at one of our clinics, by coming to you we can save you considerable time and make the treatment readily available to any of your staff who need it. It is also the most cost effective solution, and there is no need for you to invest in any equipment.

What to expect from Sports Therapy


Typical sports therapy treatments would consist of gentle massage and deep tissue massage to relieve tension and stress. Each session should last around 30-45 minutes though longer treatments are available if required. Prior to commencing any treatment, we will also take a short medical history to comply with health and safety requirements. Our sports therapists will also provide advice on ways to avoid pain and tension by adopting an improved posture.


Most people who receive sports therapy report instant relief after a single session. The result is improved productivity, fewer days off work, and a more highly motivated workforce. Reducing stress and pain from your staff members can have a huge positive impact on your whole organisation.


You can book sports therapy sessions as a standalone service or incorporate it into a more comprehensive corporate wellness programme.

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