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Corporate Wellness strategies to keep your organisation healthy

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About our wellness services


Perfect Balance Clinic Corporate Wellness Services is an extension of our clinical services at Perfect Balance Clinic. With our intrinsically simple model of healthcare we are able to apply these very basic principles to very targeted populations of people.


We have the same ethos and beliefs to the rest of the trusted clinical services at Perfect Balance Clinic, all that’s new is the wrapper. What’s important to us are the values, the team and the delivery of excellent clinical services which are the reasons why we have grown so quickly as a company. Our reputation is paramount to the development of our services, whilst maintaining that personal approach to healthcare.

The importance of corporate wellness


Corporate wellness services should be an integral part of any business structure. With the simple philosophy of keeping the most important asset of any business functioning well, its people.


Our simple approach breaks down into making sure you are seen by the right person, making sure you receive the correct therapy and making sure this is an efficient process from end to end.

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Flexible corporate packages


Some of our services are covered by health insurance and there are corporate tax incentives in place for companies who decide to fund some of the other services, which are not covered, making the whole process comparatively low cost for each individual and each company who decide to work alongside us. We can work with your benefits team (if you have one) to find the best mix of services and remuneration of these.


Salary sacrifice schemes can be used to benefit both employees and employers who decide to go down this route. All in all we will find a health balance that suits your companies appetite and mix of our services. Some companies we anticipate will use all our services where some companies we work with currently use 1 or 2 of our services. We can find a solution that suits your company and workplace culture too.

Symptoms and cost of workplace sickness include:


  • Lost time through sickness absense or GP appointments
  • Stress/illness
  • Underperformance
  • Decreased productivity
  • Presenteeism
  • Lack of engagement
  • Poor interpersonal relationships
  • Poor communication
  • Poor staff retention
  • Difficulties recruiting

Addressing sickness issues creates a culture of wellness:


  • Decreased sickness absence
  • Less time off to attend appointments
  • Increased productivity
  • Better performance
  • Improved engagement
  • Better staff relationships
  • More effective communication
  • Improved recruitment and retention.

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