Corporate Nutritionist in London

Nutrition services for your workforce


Seeing our Nutritional team could not be easier.  We can offer several services led by our top nutritional and functional medicine specialists.


Our team work alongside the rest of the team at Perfect Balance Clinic making sure we are able to offer you a premium service with any one of our nutritional specialists. We work with a range of people and conditions ranging from people who want to lose weight to sports people looking to optimise their performance.


This is no ordinary nutrition service. Our team are equipped to deal with the most complex of nutritional, metabolic and endocrine problems.

How a Nutritionist can help your staff


Nutritional therapists are able to work alongside a whole host of practitioners to get to the bottom of your nutritional issues, performance issues and weight issues.


Many of our clients see our nutritional therapists to get to the bottom of the chronic illness and help get to the bottom of unusual or difficult to treat conditions.

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