Avoiding Back Pain this Christmas

18 Jul Avoiding Back Pain this Christmas

Many people’s back pain is a result of stress and bad posture at work, so if you are taking a break from work, then hopefully you may see an improvement in any back pain you may have been experiencing.

Back pain: the recovery process

In order to speed up the recovery process and reduce your back pain even further, here is some advice:

Back pain: posture

1. Be aware – many back conditions and back pain is related to posture. By becoming more aware of your posture and how this may be affecting your health, then you can make the necessary improvements. Visiting a postural correction therapist will of course aid this, but also taking up exercise that will make you more aware of your posture, such as ‘Pilates’, will help you even further.

Back pain: exercise

2. Exercise – doing regular exercise can also help with back pain. Once you are aware of your posture and what is wrong with it, then you can use corrective exercise to improve posture and therefore reduce the risk of back pain. Exercise will help to strengthen the weak muscles that are causing the imbalances in your body , and therefore improve back pain, and also will help to enhance your flexibility. If you already exercise and still suffer with back pain, then seeing a specialist such as an Osteopath or Physiotherapist will help to educate you on ways to exercise without experiencing pain.

Back pain: habits

3. Habits – breaking bad habits can also help to reduce back pain. Some back pain is experienced because of sitting down for prolonged periods of time, which can result in the shortening of muscles. When you then try to use these muscles, because of these habits that have caused them to shorten, you will experience pain as they try to lengthen again through movement. By breaking habits, such as not crossing your legs when you sit down, learning to take breaks from sitting at a computer and watching the way you bend to pick something up, then you will help to reduce the risk of back pain.

Back pain: look after yourself!

4. Looking after yourself – only you can be truly responsible for your back pain and trying to prevent it, but we are happy to help you to start doing this! By being aware of what causes, or could cause you, back pain, you will reduce the risk of it occurring. By exercising regularly and exercising correctly, you will ensure that your muscles are in good working order and are protecting the rest of your body from injury. By breaking bad habits, you will stop reoccurring back pain from taking place, and by keeping hydrated you will make sure your body is in good working order.

Back pain: help is at hand

Don’t forget we have specialists to help you to become more aware of your body and the way it works, so why not take advantage of their knowledge in order to reduce any risk? At Perfect Balance Clinic, we offer complementary spinal/posture checks, which could help you to avoid unnecessary pain.

Hopefully, over the Christmas break you won’t experience any back pain, but if you do, then you can always call us on 0800 0724 012 as we have practitioners available throughout the holidays. Or, if you just want to simply ask us a question, please feel free to email us at advice@pbclinic.com.

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