Musculoskeletal health and pain screening consultations

02 Oct Musculoskeletal health and pain screening consultations

Welcome to our health screening services


There’s nothing worse than having a bad back or a muscular problem sneek up on you.  Our musculoskeletal health screening services are designed for you to meet a practitioner specialised in dealing with and giving advice on musculoskeletal conditions and pain.
Your appointment will take place at one of our clinics, where you will be guided through questions related to your condition or an area of concern.  Make sure you come prepared with questions related to your concerns about your musculoskeletal health or pain.
Our specialists are used to being asked all sorts of things in these consultations ranging from back pain, shoulder pain, knee pain to general postural advice, like ‘how to improve my posture’.
There is no obligation to book any further fee paying appointments and we will not try to ‘sell’ you something you do not need.  We just  offer you simple advice to make sure you see the right person for your concerns.  We have a wide network of specialists so if needed we can always find the right person for you to see quickly.
Below you wil find some useful FAQ’s which relate to questions we get asked at our assessments or to our reception team when booking.  If you need any further help please let us know.


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