Our Corporate Wellness strategies will keep your organisation healthy

The symptoms and cost of workplace sickness include:


  • lost time
    • sickness absence
    • GP/healthcare appointments
  • stress/illness
  • underperformance
  • decreased productivity
  • presenteeism
  • lack of engagement
  • poor interpersonal relationships
  • poor communication
  • poor staff retention
  • difficulties recruiting.

Addressing sickness issues creates a culture of wellness, including:


  • decreased sickness absence
  • less time off to attend appointments
  • increased productivity
  • better performance
  • improved engagement
  • better staff relationships
  • more effective communication
  • improved recruitment and retention.

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Our aim is to work in partnership with businesses to ensure that your ‘population’ – your workforce – are healthy and happy. Therefore, your team are more productive, more engaged and ultimately take less time off work and so cost less to retain. We want to support organisations so you are able to nurture the best performance possible from the people that you employ.

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